Workshop Program

The workshop will be held at room Paris-Rom

13:45 - 13:55: Opening (chair: Oliver P. Waldhorst)
Fourth International Workshop on Architectures, Services and Applications for the Next Generation Internet

13:55 - 14:30: Keynote Talk (chair: Boris Koldehofe)
The Spontaneous Virtual Network Architecture as a Way to the Future Internet, Oliver P. Waldhorst (Ilmenau University of Technology)

SpoVNet Contest Winner Announcement

14:30 - 14:55: Session Peer-to-Peer and Overlay Services (chair: Boris Koldehofe)
DuDE: A Distributed Computing System using a Decentralized P2P Environment
Jan Skodzik (University of Rostock, Germany); Peter Danielis (University of Rostock, Germany); Vlado Altmann (University of Rostock, Germany); Jens Rohrbeck (University of Rostock, Germany); Dirk Timmermann (University of Rostock, Germany); Thomas Bahls (Nokia Siemens Networks, Germany); Daniel Duchow (Nokia Siemens Networks, Germany)

14:55 - 15:00: Demo setup

15:00 - 15:30: Coffee break

15:30 - 16:15: Demo Session (chair: Oliver P. Waldhorst)
DuDE: A Prototype for a P2P-based Distributed Computing System, Jan Skodzik (Univ. Rostock); Peter Danielis (Univ. Rostock); Vlado Altmann (Univ. Rostock); Jens Rohrbeck (Univ. Rostock); Dirk Timmermann (Univ. Rostock); Thomas Bahls (Nokia Siemens Networks); Daniel Duchow (Nokia Siemens Networks);
Flexible SpoVNet Service Composition, Christian Hübsch (KIT); Imran Khan (Univ. Stuttgart); Philipp Schaber (Univ Mannheim); Adnan Tariq (Univ. Stuttgart)
Gateway Service for the Internet of Things, Christoph Mayer (KIT); Joachim Wilke (KIT)
Autonomous Composition Framework for SpoVNet, Philipp Schaber (Univ. Mannheim)
Quality-aware Community Sensing and Situation Detection, Harald Weinschrott (Univ. Stuttgart); Damian Philipp (Univ. Stuttgart); Gerald G. Koch (Univ. Stuttgart)
Network Virtualisation and Heterogeneity, Sebastian Mies (KIT)

16:15 - 16:50: Keynote Talk (chair: Roland Bless)
Networked sensors, data streams, and complex event processing in the Future Internet - Opportunities and Challenges, Thomas Plagemann (University of Oslo)

16:50 - 17:40: Session New Paradigms and Energy Awareness (chair: Roland Bless)
Subversion Over OpenNetInf and CCNx
Bengt Ahlgren (SICS, Sweden); Börje Ohlman (Ericsson, Sweden); Erik Axelsson (KTH, Sweden); Lars Brown (KTH, Sweden)
Energy­Aware Service Execution
Waltenegus Dargie (Technische Universität Dresden, Germany); Anja Strunk (Technical University of Dresden, Germany); Alexander Schill (Technische Universität Dresden, Germany)